Key Stage 3

For students at Key Stage 3 an appropriate range of units will be followed linked to the National Curriculum. These focus on developing skills in comprehension and written expression as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar. Students will explore a range of written texts including fiction and non-fiction, as well as being encouraged to read from our library.

Key Stage 4

There are a range of courses taught in order to meet an individual student’s needs:

Edexcel Entry Level and Functional Skills Level 1 and Level 2

Each Level is assessed through three units:

  • Unit 1 – Speaking, Listening and Communication
  • Unit 2 – Reading
  • Unit 3 – Writing

Each unit is examined separately when the student is ready to sit the paper. The Functional Skills reading and writing units can be taken online.

For each Unit you achieve a Pass or Fail. If you do not get a Pass then you can retake the Unit. Once all three Units have been passed then CONGRATULATIONS you have achieved that level!

The Units are equally weighted and each one contributes one third to the overall level.

Level 2 Functional Skills develops many equivalent skills to GCSE except that you do not study literature on this course.


AQA GCSE English (8700)

This specification is ideal for those who want to explore a range of literary and language.

Suitable for all abilities, students are expected to:

  • investigate and analyse language
  • experiment and use language creatively
  • Engage in a range of speaking and listening activities.


The exam consists of two written papers each lasting for 1hour 45mins, which tests reading comprehension and writing skills. A speaking and listening assessment is also required.