Maths at Tor School is a flexible and adaptable programme of study that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual student. The main aims are that students will develop an enjoyment of learning and leave the centre with a Maths qualification.

There are four separate qualifications available that cover the breadth of potential student ability. These are:

Adult Numeracy Entry Level 1-3 (edexcel)

Adult Numeracy Certificate Levels 1 and 2 (edexcel)

Functional Skills maths level 1 and 2

GCSE Maths (Edexcel)

The aim is that every student will leave school with a maths qualification at one of the above levels and that most will leave with a GCSE. The learning objective within this qualification route ensures that as students learn and develop their numeracy skills and their confidence they can work their way up the qualifications ladder.

The paramount objective is that students develop an enjoyment of learning. This is grounded in the belief that if students are enjoying a learning experience it reduces the level of stress they experience and, therefore, improves their capacity to take in information and their desire to want to return to a positive experience. For some students this in itself is a massive achievement after what may have been a previously damaging experience.