Entry Level Science

This is a good broad science course that we can all do. There are six modules:

  • Sports Science
  • Body Maintenance
  • Structures and Machines
  • Materials and their uses
  • Making New Materials
  • Genetics and Reproduction

We do the tests in class and they count for 50% of the marks, 25% are for three pieces of practical work and 25% for the exam in March.

Why do it?

This is a good general course about science, so tells you things about the world around you. It doesn’t matter how you feel about reading or writing, this is a course you can do.

GCSE Human Physiology and Health

Designed to be a one year course for college it covers topics about the human body, how it works (cells, digestion, the nervous system, muscle and bones, reproduction, genetics), what can go wrong (disease, cancer, immunity) and some topical issues such as obesity and anti-biotic resistance.

75% of the marks are for the exam and 25% from a controlled test.

Why do it?

It is good course to give you information about how to look after yourself and compliments the PSHE course.

Science can be thought of as; watching something happen, then investigating how that something happens, taking measurements, and making notes. Then when you think you know how that something happened, being able to say what you think will happen next.