We are passionate about working in partnership with you to improve the lifechances of some of our most vulnerable young people.  For schools it is very confusing sometimes knowing what support is out there and how it all fits together.

If you have a pupil you want to refer click here for medical referrals / non medical referrals, to find out about the referral process.  We ask you to think about the steps you’ve already taken, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and to think about how we can help.  All referrals will initially be reviewed and discussed by our SLT.

If you’re wanting to look at the different provisions. Click the following links

KS4 Provision

Outreach Provision

Short Stay Provision

How we work with you

It may be that you have a very clear idea of the support you need from us or provision you require for a pupil – and when you make the referral please give us that information.  However, after discussion we may be able to agree something different, or we may decide a more varied timetable may be more effective.

Depending on what provision is agreed, and what is agreed about how we are going to work together, we will draw up a Partnership Agreement to be agreed and signed by both parties.  This sets out the key people involved, the objectives, the timetable, any costs involved and enables us to agree and set the expectations.


Click to view a template of the school Partnership Agreement:

Medical Agreement

Non medical agreement


If you want to know know more about what the school does then click here to download a copy of our school handbook.