We would like to welcome you to some of our staff.

  • Tony Sammon


    After trying various careers and realising I didn’t want to do any of them, I started teaching in Poplar East London in 1989 and have worked in Primary, Special and Secondary schools as well as time as an advisory teacher in Tower Hamlets. I love teaching and see it as a way of improving life chances. I moved here in January 2015 from a mainstream school in sunny Weston super Mare. I am proud and excited to be the Head of Tor School at a really important time in the school’s history. All young people regardless of background or ability should be given the opportunity to succeed and be the best they can be. Being part of this school enables me to help them achieve that.
  • Matt Hill

    Deputy Headteacher

    I have been a teacher since September 1999. What I love most about teaching is the ability to make a difference: broaden horizons; develop ambition and ability; but more importantly be able to help young people at a time when they need it. Building relationships and creating situations where students are able to thrive, achieve and have fun is what is so rewarding.

  • Janet Andrews


    I have worked in education for over 15 years, and always in settings that have supported young people for whom mainstream settings may not have always accommodated them.    I have a wide experience of different educational settings which has developed my practice, understanding and perspective of the young people I support.    Before starting at the Tor School in November 2018 I had worked in a special school, in the Faculty of Inclusive Learning in a Further Education college, in a specialist boarding school and a mainstream secondary school.    I enjoy working with all our students (my specific area of experience is in supporting diagnoses of Autism Spectrum and Dyslexia), and facilitating transitions for young people both into and out of their specialist settings and their transition into Post 16 education.   I work at the Tor School in the capacity of an Outreach worker working with students in their own homes and supporting them and their families.   Working with students in this way is really rewarding, particularly when this input creates a pathway for them to either re-start their educational journey at the Tor School or their return to a mainstream setting.

  • Mercedes Atadika

    Pastoral Support Worker

    I recently moved to Somerset two years ago. I have loved getting to know the different areas within the county.  I first joined Tor School in November 2018. Since starting at Tor School, I have had the privilege to be a part of so many young people lives and be able to support them during their journey. I started working with young people in 2008, in a variety of sectors, this includes the outdoor industry, educational sector and working within Residential Children Homes. Before starting at Tor School, I spent 6 years working within Children and Families Services as a Leaving Care Personal Adviser and also as Family Support Worker within a Safeguarding Team. Within these roles I was able to work closely with young people, children and families who required additional targeted support. Most recently I trained to be an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. I am one of the two Emotional Literacy Support Assistant here at Tor school. This means that I am able to provide targeted support to students who are experiencing temporary or longer term additional emotional needs.

  • Sarah Beckerleg

    Art Co-ordinator

    I joined Tor School in June 2015 after 13 years in Primary School. Teaching Art at Tor is a huge privilege. I’m totally passionate about teaching Art and all things creative. Art can help students find a way to express their emotions in creative, therapeutic ways. It is a great subject for building communications and self esteem, it is often a liberating experience for our learners. No two days are the same, I absolutely love my job role. I’m also a qualified ELSA, which helps support students with their emotional literacy skills.

  • Eve Beech

    Teaching Assistant

    As a recent University graduate specialising in music, I feel privileged to be working in such a wonderful environment at Tor School. I look forward to working with students and helping them to flourish and reach their full potential, aiding them in their learning in ways that suit them whilst providing them with a friendly face. Although my specialism is in music, I am also passionate about a range of subjects ranging from science to art, as well as promoting good mental health among young people.


  • Vicky Beech

    Teacher / Preparation for Working Life Co-ordinator

    I have taught in secondary education for over twenty years in a variety of educational settings, both in the UK and abroad, I now feel privileged to be part of The Tor School team.

    It is inspirational to see our students grow in confidence, overcome great challenges and achieve; I am excited to be part of their journey and take great pleasure in watching them develop.

  • Luke Browning

    Youth Worker

    After graduating from University, having read history and law, I moved to London to pursue a career in the city. I very quickly decided that it was not for me. Having returned to my home county of Somerset in January of 2020, I decided to look for a role in a school because of my previous experiences working with summer schools. I started at Tor soon after and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Working in a school such as this one provides excellent challenges and opportunities to work with a wide range of people. I plan on pursuing a career in the British Army in the coming year and working at Tor School has certainly provided with the confidence and people skills that will be important for me in that line of work.

  • Adrian Chinnock


    I have worked within a school for 13 years, where I have been a caretaker and site manager.  I have recently started here at Tor School and I am very fortunate to be part of the team.  I am looking forward to working here and what the future brings!

  • Alex Clinkard


    I have worked in education for over 20 years and in various settings. I started as an English teacher in mainstream and have worked in a specialist educational provision, a similar school to Tor but in Yeovil and was able to spend an enjoyable year as a youth worker as well. I work in an Outreach capacity for Tor and get to work with young people on a 1:1 basis and often have contact with family. I love my role and find supporting young people, who are experiencing challenging events in their lives, a rewarding and fulfilling job. I feel privileged to work at Tor and enjoy seeing students succeed and build confidence and self-esteem.



  • Sophie Connaire

    Teacher and HLTA

    Just out of university at twenty years of age I moved to the Middle East to begin my career in teaching. This not only sparked a love for teaching but also a love for travel. I  have taught and lived in 5 different countries including my home country  Ireland. I can honestly say that teaching in England has taught me so much about myself and my practice. I have learned that there is much more to teaching than academic results. Success in the classroom is about forming positive relationships, instilling a sense of self belief, building resilience and feeling safe. Working with young people, particularly vulnerable young people, is my passion and I am very happy to be a part of the team at Tor School where I can see the positive impact it has on their lives.

  • Jude Culliford


    My background is working as a HR Assistant and progressing to Assistant Print Buyer for a leading shoe manufacturer/retailer. After taking a career break and travelling with my young children, I worked as part of the admin team at two local schools. I was fortunate enough to join Tor School two years ago and particularly enjoy working with our young people. It is an exciting, varied environment to work in and I am proud to be part of the team.

  • Dave Curl

    Education and Family Support Worker

    After university I had various roles working with the homeless and the mentally ill, and have a Diploma in Gestalt Counselling, I’ve been working with children and families for just over a decade now. This has included four years working with teenagers who misuse substances, three years with Sure Start in Southampton, and three years as Pastoral Co-ordinator at a large, successful Hampshire comprehensive school.

    I joined Tor School, (formerly the Mendip Partnership School), in December 2014; I enjoy the creativity and strong team ethos here. My job – working closely with teachers and others – is to work alongside mums, dads and carers, supporting families in helping their youngsters get the maximum benefit from their education, and in managing the struggles and maximising the joys of parenthood. It’s a role I greatly enjoy – and no two days at work are the same, because no two youngsters or families are the same.

  • Emily Davis


    My name is Emily and I studied psychology and criminal behavior at university, before working in children’s homes, care homes and specialist schools. I have a keen interest in animals and used to keep and breed a large number of exotic animals, including chameleons and poison dart frogs.  I also have a passion for Art and Science and I enjoy teaching more than any other job I’ve had.

  • Alison Dukes


    I have worked as an administrator in a variety of different industries locally all of my career, these include a local furniture retailer, ICI Polyurethanes and Her Majesty’s Prison in Shepton Mallet before it closed in 2013.  In 2014 I joined the Primary Team as their administrator when most of their work involved working on an outreach basis with the local primary schools.  Since moving to the new premises in February 2018 I have taken on the day to day finance responsibility for the school and work alongside my colleagues in the administrative team. No day is ever the same, we are a great team and support either other whenever the need arises.

  • Beth Dukes


    I recently moved back to Somerset after achieving a first class degree in Film and Media at De Montfort University. After graduating, I was unsure of what path I wanted to take in my career. I joined Tor School in May 2019 as part of the Administration team, it is a great work environment, with a diverse range of jobs that change from day to day. I have also had the opportunity to pursue my passions of photography and media by getting involved with different photography lessons and working on the website. In my short time of being at Tor School, it is evident that it would not thrive without the continued support of a great team, who work so hard to encourage the students to be the best versions of themselves.

  • Graham Fogarty


    When I left school, my first job was with an insurance broker in Bristol. I soon learnt that I had other vocational aspirations, an office job was not for me. So, at the tender age of 29, I went to university to study Environmental Science. A great move, and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Who knew that I would find education to be so stimulating and enjoyable? If only my teachers could see me now! My degree course taught me many new ideas, and helped me realise that I was ready to enter teaching. I completed my PGCE, at a school in Christchurch, and I have worked at various secondary schools, between Bournemouth and Bristol for the last 23 years. It is a privilege to work with young people, and one that I look forward to every day. Outside of work I enjoy motorcycles and singing in a band. It just happens to be the best rock and roll band this side of New York City.

  • Terry Grey


    I have been teaching for over 20 years in a number of school environments and countries.  My specialisation is in Geography with another background in Maths and Astronomy.  Teaching is something that gets into your blood and being in the classroom is a passion that I am grateful to practice every day.  Outside the classroom, I run my own business making furniture and I love working with pupils helping them understand the world they are entering and how they can take advantage of all the skills they have learned here at Tor School.

  • Lisa Heenan

    Primary Co-ordinator

    I joined The Tor School in January 2019, having spent 28 years teaching in a number of primary schools.  I consider myself very lucky to have had various roles with schools, ranging from class teacher, SENCO, deputy head and head teacher.  I am passionate about what I do, and I thoroughly enjoy my job.  I strongly believe every child has the right to learn the skills to support them in their adult lives, and it is our job to identify any barriers to their learning. Through having high expectations and a nurturing approach my aim is to help children reach their full potential and be the best they can be.

  • Emma Hill

    English Co-ordinator

    I come from a family of teachers: my Gramps was a teacher; my parents are retired teachers; both of my sisters-in-law are teachers; my husband is a teacher and I’m pretty sure at least one of our three children will become a teacher too – I guess you could say ‘it’s in the blood’! I have been teaching since 2002 and have held many roles throughout my career, but my favourite part of the job by far is working directly with the students; I absolutely love it. Although an English specialist, my skills and passion are all about supporting young people, helping them to both realise and achieve their potential and being able to make a positive difference in their, at times, challenging lives. It is a privilege to work at Tor School alongside amazingly talented and committed staff and I feel so lucky to have a job that is focused on helping young people be the very best they can be.


  • Cressie Humphrey


    I started at Tor school in January 2019 and I have worked in various special schools for over 10 years. I love teaching young people about cooking and food. After struggling with dyslexia through school myself I want to help young people have a positive experience of education and help to empower them to make informed choices.

  • Sean Jenvey


    I am a qualified Engineer and teacher and spent some time in the aerospace industry, the dairy industry and as a freelance designer. I decided to re train as a teacher after some years as an Engineer and had the privilege of teaching metal work and technical drawing in Nigeria. Since then I have been teaching engineering, design and technology and motor vehicle at three further education colleges and as a supply teacher. I have a passion for classic cars, bikes and the world of good design. Tor school is a great place to work and I continue to encourage young people in technical areas and help to improve their life chances in a vocational route.

  • Billy Judd


    I am incredibly excited and honoured to be working at Tor School. I became a teacher to have a huge impact on students’ lives, every day is a different chance to make a difference to their lives and an opportunity to mould students into better citizens. I have a huge passion for football, I am currently a coach for North Somerset RTC, an avid footballer and unfortunately a massive follower of Arsenal! I believe building relationships with students and other members of staff to be of tremendous importance and it is something I work towards every day.

  • Mandy Lee


    I work in the primary department. I work with children who have been permanently excluded, I also work, in an outreach capacity, with primary pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion. I have worked with children t risk of exclusion for over ten years.

  • Kath Mears


    Although I’m a young practitioner, I have several years working with young people in different settings. The most important thing for me in this job is to be a friendly face that young people trust and can turn to but also provide clear guidance when needed. My main role is supporting the partnership programme at Tor School.

  • Jack Murdoch – North


    My career started after some notable advice from my school’s careers teacher, who advised me to get a job in a factory or on a building site. I aimed higher and started my career in engineering as an apprentice at Chatham Dockyard in Kent, as I had no real direction or idea of what I wanted to do at the time, and this seemed like a good idea as my father was an engineer.

    After a series of redundancies throughout the ’80s, I had a career change and attended the Kent Institute of Art and Design completing a 2-year full-time HND course in 3D design.

    After completing this course I worked for ten years in the precious metal industry, it was during this time that I discovered teaching and started working part-time in adult education. Circumstances again led to a sideways step in my career, and I started full time teaching engineering apprentices in 2002 but also continued with my adult education teaching. Since then I haven’t looked back, working in various colleges and private training providers in the South East and South West of England.

    I have also taught in a private school working with young people with Dyslexia teaching Engineering, DT and Product Design.

  • Caroline Peters

    Maths Co-ordinator

    I started at the medical side of Tor School over 10 years ago teaching Maths in the Centre and on Outreach and acting as a tutor. Previous to this I have worked in a number of different secondary schools, teaching Maths and working as deputy head of large Maths departments. My current role at Tor School is Maths Co-ordinator. I teach Maths across the school and I am also a tutor. I enjoy both roles. I love teaching Maths and I like the opportunity of working with small groups of young people, taking them through from their beginning at the school to hopefully a successful future.

  • Mandy Ramsey

    Office Manager

    I started working at the Mendip Link Education Centre in 2005 as a teaching assistant. As the school has evolved and changed so have my roles within the school. I achieved HLTA status in 2010 and taught ICT and computer science, alongside taking on the role of administrator. My current role at Tor School is that of Office Manager and I find this role very rewarding and interesting; no two days are ever the same. I feel very privileged to work alongside some amazing and inspiring staff members and to be part of a school that aims to improve the lives of the young people who attend, enabling them to move on to the next stage in their education.

  • Paul Scott


    I work mainly with KS3 and partnership pupils. I love my job because I work with pupils and staff who are committed to fresh starts, doing well and enjoying school life. I have taught many subjects whilst at Tor school but I love teaching Humanities and English best of all. I really like the fact that this school is small and because of this everyone knows each other really well and cares about how things are going during the week. We have lots of ex pupils who will tell you the same that there is a special atmosphere here and I guess that makes Tor School a special place.

  • Emma Summers


    After spending a number of years working with adults suffering severe mental illness, I moved into working with children in 2014 and found I absolutely loved it.  I joined Tor School as an HLTA in 2016 and enjoy working with a team of people who are dedicated to improving the educational experience of children and young people.  I work across the school teaching KS1 – KS4 alongside outreach work with local primary schools. I specialise in primary education, Horticulture and social, emotional and mental health work. I am currently training as a play therapist and look forward to this complementing my current work at Tor School.

  • Darren Winter


    I have been working in alternative provision since 2007. I currently teach literacy, sport and leisure and basic cooking. I try to promote and offer as much sport, fitness and physical activity as I can. I personally love surfing, golf and fishing.