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Here are some exciting art projects you can try at home – email them to school when you  have completed them and we can start a gallery of work!

Super Cool 3-D Hand Art

3D Art and Sculpture Ideas for Kids

Feather Art in a Box – A Nature Drawing & Painting Activity for Kids

How to Make Egg Carton Roses

Egg Box Flowers

How to draw a mandala


Altered-Book Poetry (Art Therapy): Altered-Book Poetry: These poems are common in altered-book journals (see here). It is often easier for people to take inspiration from the text on the page than to create their own poems from scratch.

The Arts

We offer GCSE Art, and also offer Digital Photography, 3D Art, Ceramics, Arts Award and Iron work.

We combine the areas of ART and DT in our workshop and Art Space to enable students to bring their 3D artistic creations to life. Working on the principle that sometimes two heads are better than one Sarah and Jack support students in developing a realisation of their creative ideas.