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We provide a suite of qualifications which are targeted at Vocational learning. They are all NCFE Qualifications taught at level 1 and level 2. 

The areas are: 

  • Food and cookery skills – Level 2
  • Occupational Studies which includes:
  • Motor vehicle
  • Sport
  • Photography
  • Child care
  • Horticulture

Motor Vehicle

We are fortunate to have a new garage on the school site. This has given us the opportunity to offer motor mechanics as part of the NCFE Occupational Studies in the Workplace qualification, as well as teaching invaluable life skills.  

Thanks to a generous grant from the National Grid Hinkley Connection Project, we have been able to purchase a car ramp, enabling our young people to understand the inner workings of vehicles and to be able to correctly diagnose problems.



The amount of time young people spend outside is dramatically decreasing with many spending less time outdoors than prison inmates. We need to reconnect our young people with nature to increase their appreciation for their surroundings.  By deepening their sense of connection with nature, school Horticulture helps inspire environmental stewardship. Young people are able to learn about water and energy cycles, the food chain and the individual needs of different species, together with the long-term impact of humans on the natural environment.

Horticulture provides young people with opportunities to gain extra outdoor exercise whilst teaching them useful skills for life. Growing fruit and vegetables helps to revise attitudes about particular foods – students are more likely to try eating vegetables they have grown themselves and to ask for them at home. This can have a positive impact on their family’s shopping and meal choices and assist in decreasing child obesity.

Growing and caring for plants teaches responsibility and patience and promotes sensory development.

At Tor School we have numerous planters, several raised beds, a greenhouse and a dedicated shed to deliver the subject to students of all ages across the school.  Our KS4 students pursue the horticultural elements of the NCFE Occupational Studies in the Workplace, in many cases leading to a Certificate in the subject.