At Tor we encourage all students to join in sports and recreation as much as possible.

Although we are a small school, we do our best to offer a wide range of optional activities.

We regularly take advantage of our proximity to some of the UK’s most stunning caving facilities up in the Mendip Hills; we run climbing trips to Cheddar Gorge and Dartmoor; we can hike in the mountains of Wales; and even a long days surfing on the beaches of Devon.

In Forest Skills we cover various subjects that are essential in surviving the great outdoors – we include outdoor cooking, building and lighting fires, selecting tinder and finding dry fuel for fires, shelter building, camp craft, navigation, crossing difficult terrain, environmental awareness and preservation, tree ascension and safety.

All these activities involve a level of participation that promotes working as a team, supporting others, pushing your own boundaries and overcoming fears – as well as just plain old fun and excitement.