Short Stay

Primary – Key Stage 1 and 2

Our team of teachers and HLTAs deliver outreach support and short stay provision.


Our team works in partnership with mainstream colleagues to prevent exclusion through the provision of an Outreach Services to schools. We work with school staff to support the inclusion of vulnerable pupils through identifying and meeting social, emotional and mental health needs. The primary aim is to build capacity in schools.

Our service includes:
• direct work with children to develop social and emotional skills through 1:1 and small group interventions
• modelling and coaching good practice with school staff.
• systemic work with school staff to identify a child’s SEMH needs
• support to plan and deliver appropriate provision specific to the school setting.
• a small amount of Theraplay support at KS1. This is an intervention to build a secure relationship between a child with complex SEMH needs and their key-person.
• INSET workshops

Tor School KS1/2 
Our team plans and delivers interim provision for children who are permanently excluded or are between schools on partnership agreements. We ensure that children’s individual learning needs are met and work in partnership with families and professionals to support transition into the next school once identified. Education is provided as 1:1 tuition or within a small group at Tor School.

Secondary – Key Stage 3 and 4

Short Stay School KS3/4
This team work to support those children and young people who are between schools on partnership agreements and for whom attendance at the other centres is not appropriate. They ensure that children and young people’s basic skills are well supported so that their return to school is as smooth as possible. Education is provided as 1:1 tuition or in small groups at Tor School.

Direct Support / Advice
We work hard to prevent exclusion where possible and the main focus of the work is in Outreach Services to schools. This can take the form of direct work with young people to enable schools to build capacity as well as modelling and coaching of good practice with staff. The aim is always to build capacity in schools.

Adolescent Support Workers
We have two Adolescent Support Workers, Judith Moore and Ian Withers, who work with children and young people to identify positive activities to improve their self-esteem and self-awareness. The client group is usually those young people at risk of Exclusion and or disengagement or those who have undergone a sudden change in patterns of behaviour. ASWs currently work all year round and can provide support in school holiday time.