If you are a student in Key Stage 4 you may attend Tor School for your education. We offer a full timetable and when you are well enough you can build up to attending full time. This may take a few weeks and will be negotiated with you, your parents and your doctor.

We offer core subjects of Maths, English, Enrichment / sports and PSHE with addtional options of Science, Art / DT, Catering, RS, Media Studies, Horticulture and vocational learning.

An example of this years timetable is below:




Outreach Teaching

If you are in Key Stage 1, 2, 3 or are a Key Stage 4 student who is not well enough to attend the school you will be taught in your own home. This is called outreach teaching. A teacher will come to your home for up to one hour a day (5 hours per week) and usually work with you on Maths, Science and English. The work is usually set by your school. This will mean that it is easier to go back to school when you are well enough as you will have been doing the same work as your friends. There will need to be another adult in your home when an outreach teacher visits.

Virtual Classroom

There are occasionally reasons when a child or young person is too ill to have face to face contact with a teacher. In these circumstances we can set up on-line learning for you via a virtual classroom.