As a PRU the arrangements for transfer of Pupil Premium from mainstream school are complex. We do not receive funding for Medical Pupils as this is retained by the school. If extra provision is needed for an individual pupil we put this into a partnership plan and invoice the school for pupil premium in this way.

For pupils who attend in Key Stage 4 due to a permanent exclusion, the money has historically followed the pupil but there has been a delay in receiving this money from the Local Authority and it only usually arrives after they leave in year 11. This makes planning of provision difficult and we have had to estimate the levels of funding and plan forward.

Due to the small numbers of pupils attending our provision, using percentages is not statistically significant, but these have been provided below in both number and percentage form to give a guide.

Pupil Premium numbers as at September 2020

  • Currently on roll: 27
  • Number Pupil premium: 16
  • Percentage of roll: 59%
  • Number of whom are sole registered – 7
  • Percentage of roll: 26%

Statistically there is no gap between the pupils eligible for pupil premium and others regarding their achievement, engagement or attendance

Uses of Funding

Intervention- Cost Impact

Artist in residence£8000Art as therapy to raise self -esteem and allow expression of complex emotions
Reach – Outdoor Education£4000Various targets all tied up into a learning plan for individual pupils which compliments those in school.
Ceramics Workshops£2000Raising of confidence and self-expression
1:1 Tuition in Maths/ English£4600Raising of attainment and levels of progress
Forest School£4000Various targets all tied up into a learning plan for individual pupils which compliments those in school
Clothing£400Clothing provided for those pupils who were coming to school dressed in inappropriate clothing leading to lower self-esteem. Self-esteem and confidence raised as well as an awareness that people cared about them